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as the republican candidates. this seemed to be a direct response to what mitt romney earlier today at apec said about what he would be doing about iran where he would be moving warships to make sure that iran knew that the military threat that they could visibly see the military threat. it seemed he almost challenged him to think if you think we should start a war, then make the case. >> i think we have the sound from the president discussing this notion of attacking iran. let's play it. >> measure my commitment to israel is seen in the actions that i've taken as president of the united states and indisputable that i've had israel's back over the last three years. >> i believe we have david gregory with us. are you there. we don't. let me go back to chuck. we have rick santorum who came out swinging. i believe it was david and that's why i wanted to bring him in who said a lot of what mitt romney hazarded regarding israel came off as up and dopandering s willing to say whatever it takes. >> that's the danger i thought the republicans were going to box themselves into. he created one policy red
, the road ahead for mitt romney could be filled with big disappointments. >> now we move to alabama where mitt romney will lose. mississippi where mitt romney will lose. louisiana, where mitt romney will lose. >> plus, nothing lasts forever. >> thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. i truly have enjoyed being your quarterback. >> peyton manning fighting back the tears saying farewell to the indianapolis colts and a lot of fans this hour outraged. and the floodgates are far from closed. more advertisers rush away from the king of conservative radio. about you, a former ohm administration adviser is now comparing rush limbaughing to bill maher. is that a fair comparison? plus, were bill maher is now defending rush. i'm tamron hall. the "news nation" is follow og the loudest calls yet for newt gingrich to get out of the race and let the two front-runners battle it out. romney took seven states and the most delegates last night but barely won in ohio by just one point over rick santorum. despite spending four times as much money as his rivals in that state. santorum picked up victor
nation" is following the mounting pressure on mitt romney and newt gingrich after rick santorum's sweep of alabama and mississippi primaries. right now santorum is scheduled to start hosting a town hall. he's in san juan is, puerto rico, ahead of the primary there sunday. he met earlier with the governor. meantime, mitt romney has not said a word publicly since his losses in the south. his campaign did issue a statement congratulating santorum. romney, by the way, is in new york for fund-raisers and attempting to fight the perception problem as he struggles against the underfinanced and underorganized santorum. newt gingrich campaigns later today in illinois which holds the next big republican contest next week. he's carrying on despite heavy pressure from santorum and many others for him to drop out. >> the time is now for conservatives to pull together. the best chance to win this election is to nominate a conservative to go up against barack obama who can take him on on every issue. >> this is proportional representation. we're going to leave alabama and mississippi with a substantia
woman, a husband and a wife. >> romney said he was not for the bill and then he said he was m misunderstood. >> after his consultants talked to him and then he came back and said i didn't understand the question. >>> conservative andrew breitbart is dead after the age of 43. he was behind several big political stories that sparked plenty of outrage. new details on how he died. >>> the president's dinner proved po be touching and a little funny. >> i came because i was expected to duet tonight. i thought maybe we were going to hear you and my irish friend sing, mr. president. i'm betting down. >>> i'm tamron hall. the "news nation" is following the knock down of senator roy blunt's amendment that would allowed employers to cover certain health services. the volt was 51-48 against the measure. the debate was intense, personal and even times came down to gender. >> we have men on the other side of the aisle here for the most part with a little assist telling women what their rights should be. i cannot believe this battle. >> the united states senate had 83 women and 17 men rather
presidential race as well with romney and santorum being questioned about this and throwing elbows over that response. it's likely not to go away. there was a defeat for this amendment today, but speaker boehner said he would like to find a bipartisan answer that would not be quite so politically charged. >> thank you very much. the vote is unlikely to go away, the fight is unlikely to go away. senator blunt says the issue will continue. he says there's broader issue regarding the coverage and what it mandates. joining me now to discuss it more, democratic senator. for many men and women they see the comments by members of the senate and think about the ratio of how few women are there to represent the voice of women compared to the men who are in congress. what do you make of the comments regarding gender in the senate today. >> the vote was 51-48. there were an awful lot of men who voted to table the blunt amendment today. i hope that we can now put this issue aside. we can get back to the bill that we're supposed to be working on which is highway funding, investing in our infrastruct
. >> but it is no laughing matter. day two of mitt romney's rivals going after his advisers' etch a sketch moment. why this is not an issue of child's play for mr. romney. >> the degree to which mr. romney lies all the time about all sorts of stuff and doesn't care when he gets caught is maybe the single most notable thing about his campaign. >>> hi, everyone. the "news nation" is following news right now in the trayvon martin shooting case. the city of sanford, florida just announced the city manager will hold a news conference at 3:30 this afternoon. there's no word on the topic yet but it comes less than 24 hours after the city commission gave a vote of no confidence to its police chief. the vote was 3-2. the city manager says he will be giving an update on the events surrounding the investigation. we'll bring you the latest developments. meanwhile a massive rally planned in sanford has been moved to another location because so many people are now expected to attend. those are pictures from atlanta right before dozens of churchgoers packed buses bound for sanford this morning. tonight's rally organ
leading gop candidates are all campaigning in those states today with mitt romney facing an important test in the key republican strongholds after losses in georgia, tennessee and oklahoma. romney was under heavy fire today from rick santorum. >> obama care is in fact the death nail for freedom. that's why it must be repealed. the eventual nominee is singularly the worst person to make that case to the american people. >> santorum is about to hold a second campaign vent in alabama while his camp tries to pressure newt gingrich to drop out. newt gingrich ain't budging. let's bring in our panel. it's great to have you here. let's start right out of the gate on this one. how important is it for mitt romney to get a victory in a competitive southern contest. we're talking about the hospitality of the south. >> i think it's critically important. i think the crux of the issue is religion. i don't think it's idealogoy alone. the fact that he can't get to 30% is there's some lingering bias toward the lds church. i think he has to con front that head on. i think he could have done it in the midst o
's like every week -- >> here we go again. the same questions looming. can mitt romney win over the most conservative in his own party and will rick santorum and newt gingrich continue to split the conservative vote. >>> criticism over a new poll showing republicans, so many of them south, still believe the president is muslim. why it's being called faulty and misleading. >>> it's what's for dinner. a study claims even the smallest amount of red meat could lead to an early death. is it all hype. >>> using the homeless to hawk wi-fi. an unheard of practice at a huge music festival in texas is being slammed for exploitation of the most in need. >>> i'm tamron hall. the "news nation" is following breaking news. we have live pictures from andrews air force base where david cameron is arrived just a short time ago, only moments ago. this visit comes as the crisis if afghanistan grows following the massacre of 12 afghans involving a u.s. soldier. just a few hours ago president obama insisted the u.s. is committed to finish the job in afghanistan despite a new york times report that the adminis
or person hood or mitt romney saying he wants to get rid of planned parenthood. these are policies that will have a negative impact on women and they are pushing it because they are trying to further an idealological agenda. political seasons are when a lot of these issues are hotly debated and when they tend to be get pushed to the forefront. i think there's a strain of series of policies after policies being pushed by republicans and conservatives that will get in the way of helping women. >> we have a clip to listen to of mitt romney making a comment and the very thing about planned parenthood that you were just mentioning. let's listen to that. >> of course you get rid of obama care. that's the easy one. there are others. planned parenthood, we're going to get rid of that. >> molly, let's end with you. on the same subject, do you think the gop has some work to do as far as controlling the message here? >> this is another one of those situations where the extended republican primary is dragging the party off message. the fact that rick santorum, who is this living symbol of the
hours, polls close. illinois primary, if mitt romney wins tonight, can he turn around his perception problem we've talked about? plus, rick santorum tries to walk back his latest controversial comments. not a social issue. this is on the economy. >> i don't care what the unemployment rate will be. it doesn't matter to me. my campaign doesn't hinge oun employment rates and growth rates. >> what rick santorum is saying today. then the budget wars return to capitol hill. congressman paul ryan rolls out the budget. what the democrats are saying about the ryan budget. join me on my twitter page. [ donovan ] i hit a wall. and i thought "i can't do this, it's just too hard." then there was a moment. when i decided to find a way to keep going. go for olympic gold and go to college too. [ male announcer ] every day we help students earn their bachelor's or master's degree for tomorrow's careers. this is your moment. let nothing stand in your way. devry university, proud to support the education of our u.s. olympic team. home protector plus from liberty mutual insurance, where the cost to both
. it is almost like a etch a sketch. >> it is upstaging mitt romney's win in illinois, why one of romney's top advisers thought it would be okay to compare the candidate's policy changes to etch and sketch. say hello to broadway tebow, and another breaking story in the nfl, huge low to the saints, sean peyton suspended for a year due to the team's bounty program where players were intending to hurt other players. >> i am in the news station following developing news. i am tamron hall. the news station is following developing news in the case involving 17-year-old trayvon martin. the demand for justice is growing by the thousands you might say. just a few hours ago they rallied in orlando demanding george zimmerman's concealed weapons permit be revoked and thousands including trayvon's parents are expected to attend a massive rally in new york city. it is being called the million hoody march, named for the sweatshirt trayvon was wearing the day he was shot and killed. the facebook page shows almost 3,500 people saying they will attend the march tonight. the naacp is calling for bill lee to resi
? >>> romney's old words coming back to haunt him again. santorum and others piling on after romney op-ad supporting an individual mandate is back in the headlines and now some conservatives admit if romney is the nominee they won't be able to fight president obama on health care. >>> another cruel turn of events, snow covering parts of the country. the heartbreaking news of a toddler pulled from the rubble after losing her entire family has died. >> i was holder her hand seconds before they died. >>> plus, they are no saints. the nfl hitting the team for putting bounties on other players. is the fine too much? it's our "news nation gut check." >>> i'm tamron hall. the "news nation" is following developing news. aol has become the latest advertiser to drop rush limbaugh. that makes a total of nine advertisers that have said bye-bye. at the top of his show, here is what he had to say about the apology over the weekend. >> the apology to her over the weekend was sincere. it was simply for using inappropriate words in way i never do. and in so doing, i became like the people we oppose. i
voted to award the state's at large delegates to romney rather than divide them. romney has 16-14 delegate edge. the math adds up to a very angry santorum. >> the good old boy network. change the rules after the game so they with win. that's pathetic. >> as for next week's super tuesday contest a new poll shows canto rum clinging to a slim lead in the crucial state of ohio. santorum now leading mitt romney 35-31. a week ago he had a seven-point lead. let's bring in our political panel. let's talk about these numbers out ohio. santorum had a seven-point lead. it's dwindling away a bit. kind of what we saw in michigan. they don't like the comparison. >> i was just on the ground in ohio last week. unemployment is way high in that state. it's a very, very conservative, socially conservative state. i was in ash wednesday service, and from the pulpit, thaip said during the prayers of the people, we have to pray for the attack by h.h.s. on our religious freedom. this isn't a college town. it's a conservative state, but unemployment numbers are high. santorum, i think at the end of the
gingrich defended this strategy. >> until mitt romney has 1,144 locked down solidly i owe it to the people that helped me for the last year to represent their views and values and i find it fascinating, none of you guz call a football team or basketball team and say why don't you drop out? that's exactly why we're downsizing and we need to be able to stay in. >> we will bring in our political panel. steve, i want to read something from salon, the dilusions that sustain newt gingrich. they say what he is doing is accommodating a certain amount of reality without acknowledging it. this way he saves face and money while still getting to insist that he is a candidate for the nomination and he simply is pivoting to a new phase of the can daes sigh and doesn't have to sell his critics they're right, meaning the critics that want him out and saying he can't win. what is the big strategy he is talking about here? >> i think what newt is alluding to is there is still an uphill climb to get to 1,144 delegates by mitt romney. michael steel that devised this system, he was on your network a couple of
back the panel to talk about what the republican candidates are saying about the massacre. mitt romney releasing a statement. >>> also, the makers of the kony 2012 film, up to 90 million hits online. they are coming out with a new video. they are firing back at critics questioning the organize. >>> we're following developing news right now. the justice department has blocked a controversial voter id law. the law requiring voters to show photo id may hurt hispanics. they are more than twice than likely to not have state issued id. texas officials have failed to show the new law is not discriminatory. only sunshine ♪ ♪ you make me happy [ female announcer ] choose the same brand your mom trusted for you. children's tylenol, the #1 brand of pain and fever relief recommended by pediatricians and used by moms decade after decade. [ roger ] tell me you have good insurance. yup, i've got... [ dennis ] really? i was afraid you'd have some cut-rate policy. [ kyle ] nope, i've got... [ dennis ] ...the allstate value plan. it's their most affordable car insurance -- and you still
to be filed in this one. thank you. >>> next, an romney calls on republicans to put an end to the nomination fight. >> it's time to coalesce. it's time to come together. it's time for us to get behind one candidate and get the job done. >> which candidate does she want them to coalesce around? be panel will weigh in on that after the break. what romney is saying about the war in afghanistan and the president's quote, lack of leadership, but does the gop have an afghanistan problem of its own. >>> be white house reacts to the shootings outside a school in france that killed three children and an adult and police have tried the shootings to other deadly attacks just last week. you can join our conversation on any of the stories we follow throughout the hour on my twitter page. we always hear about jobs leaving america. here's a chance to create jobs in america. oil sands projects, like kearl, and the keystone pipeline will provide secure and reliable energy to the united states. over the coming years, projects like these could create more than half a million jobs in the us alone. from the cana
. democrats though are already paying this budget, painting it calling it the romney-ryan budget. it won't be law because it can't get through the senate but it is very interesting because mitt romney will have to run on it in november. a lot of things there that are questionable. especially in regard to medicare and welfare reform. it will be interesting to see how that plays out with the electorate. >> luke russert on capitol hill. coming up, money well spent? casino mogul says gingrich is at the end of the line after pouring over $16 million into gingrich's campaign. plus -- >> this is not justin bieber's phone number. please do not call again. thank you. >> thank you. i'm going to talk with the great grandmother who wants an apology after tweeted a message leaving her phone ringing off the hook. what exactly he did and what the great grandma is saying to justin. >>> plus, join our conversation. [ male announcer ] this one goes out to all the allergy muddlers. you know who you are. you can part a crowd, without saying a word. you have yet to master the quiet sneeze. you stash tissues
romney as president. tea party darling will complimentary words from teem senator jim demint help prove to republicans he's the one. >>> and hunger games mania. thousands of fans this morning. why both liberals and conservatives say it speaks to them. hi, everybody. great to have you with us. the "news nation" following developing news. more protests unfolding across florida today, calling for justice for trayvon martin. almost one month after his death. there's been a massive walkout of students from more than a dozen high schools and middle schools in the miami area. miami is where martin lived with his mother and where he himself was a student. students from one of the schools, miami south ridge senior high school came dwet to line up and form the shape of trayvon's initials on a school football field. you can see it there. in washington, d.c., people wearing hoodies gathered. earlier today president obama made his first remarks about this case. >> my main message is to the parents of trayvon martin. if i had a son, he would look like trayvon. and i think they are right to expect tha
mitt romney. what he's saying today. plus, how whitney houston's family is reacting to the coroner's report on the cause of houston's death and what was found inside her body? we'll bring you a live report. >>> join our conversation on twitter. this mio energy is completely crushing my game. i take the stuff everywhere. exactly. everyone's more energized, more alert. i've lost their respect. oh who's laughing now!? gazelle!! [ male announcer ] personal, portable mio energy. [ gazelle laughs ] i'm michael bazinet, president of creative digital imaging of bangor, maine. we have customers all over the united states. we rely on the postal service for everything that we do. the eastern maine processing facility is vital to our operation and our success. if we lose this processing facility we could lose clientele because of increased mailing times. we would have to consider layoffs as a result of that. closure of this plant will affect all of us. ♪ >>> developments in the race for the gop nomination. a day ahead of the louisiana primary. now rick santorum is clarifying remarks he made
to the obama administration if mitt romney is the nominee here. what kind of blow does it provide to what david plouffe referred to as the godfather of the health care law we're at. we're waiting on new sound from rick santorum who was there in washington in front of the supreme court, taking rightfully advantage of this opening with this health care debate and where mitt romney has stood when he was governor of massachusetts, and now he's obviously offering up something else. now that he's running for president. >> if the law is upheld, it does leave the political issue of obamacare on the table. you can have republicans run against it saying we'll repeal it. that's clearly what rick santorum is doing, saying as he more logical vehicle for repealing obamacare than is mitt romney who proposed something similar in massachusetts. we should say that legally there are two very different questions about whether a state can impose a scheme like this on its citizens and whether the country as a whole can have a scheme like this under the u.s. constitution. so the supreme court will be ruling only on t
this new marrist poll pole. it shows the president defeating romney 52-35. what do you make of these numbers? >> wisconsin has been democratically leaning so it is not surprising it might start out this time. there has been at love partisan politics. it it is interesting to see the president would have a lead there. look, romney and santorum will both get a chance to own the state over the next couple days. i think that has been both good and bad for republicans in a lot of these swing states when they've campaigned. they've been in ohio and michigan. and it gives votearies chance to see them. they get to run the field when that primary happens. whether those messages that they're debating will resonate or not, look at those numbers. you have to ask. we'll find out for sure in a few more months. >> it is interesting. this poll shows that in wisconsin, more republicans are interested in the recall of scott walker than they are with the primary where mitt romney has a nice little lead over santorum right now. what do you make of that? >> i think there's been so much attention
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2012. mitt romney is on his way to puerto rico on the heels of rick santorum's visit. the question is whether romney will try to take advantage of santorum's comments that pothey must speak english. listen to his statement. >> have to speak english. that would be a requirement. it's a requirement that we put on other states. it's a condition for entering the union if you participate as a state in the united states. you participate in the language people speak in the states. >> we understand that the people of different cultures speak different languages, but we have a common language. that's what i was saying yesterday. to suggest that someone would write that i said that is really unfortunate. >> let's bring in our political panel. thank you for joining us. michael, since you are from pennsylvania, i think you know rick santorum better than anyone else, was he misquoted here or is he trying to wiggle out of it? >> i think he's trying to wiggle out of it. i think it's going to hurt him in puerto rico. the language that you speak, that's insufficient for state hood. i think it helps
the opportunity to draw a contrast between himself and mitt romney on the law, calling romney unqualified to challenge president obama on the issue. despite the former governor now vowing to repeal the obama health care law, it is similar to the one that as you well know, romney enacted in massachusetts. in fact, listen to how president obama's senior adviser described romney's connection. >> mitt romney is the godfather of our health care plan. okay? if he is president, remarkably, he is running away from that past and he is going to say he's going to try to throw all this away. we'll have a big fight about health care again. >> let's bring in our political analyst. and jimmy williams, a democratic strategist. thank you both. the godfather line was a pretty good line, whether you agree with it or not, a.b. but nonetheless, it does give rick santorum another opportunity to really swing at mitt romney here as we watch to see what the supreme court does. >> i agree. i think this was the winning message for rick santorum that he never picked up on. he started with it months ago and dropped i
Search Results 0 to 41 of about 42 (some duplicates have been removed)